Meditate Together: Scaling a Global 24x5 Drop-in Program

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Session Summary

A thought-provoking session at the 2022 Mindful Leader Summit, led by Dori Kelner, Meditate Together Community Manager, shed light on the transformative journey of the Meditate Together program. From its humble beginnings as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic to becoming a global community of practice, the session emphasized the importance of simplicity, transparency, and continuous learning in building a successful mindfulness program.

Key Highlights  

  • Conceived during the pandemic, Meditate Together quickly evolved into a global community of practice, offering 24-hour meditation sessions led by 120 facilitators from around the world. 
  • The success of the program is attributed to its commitment to simplicity, transparency, reliability, and community. 
  • The Meditate Together program emphasizes continuous learning and adaptation. 

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Evolution from Grassroots to Global

Initially launched as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Meditate Together offered 30-minute meditation sessions online. What began as a small initiative quickly grew into a global community of practice, with 120 facilitators running sessions round the clock. The program's rapid expansion highlighted the universal need for mindfulness and the power of online communities to provide support and connection during challenging times.

Principles of Simplicity and Transparency

Central to the program's success are its principles of simplicity and transparency. Facilitators are trained to understand the program's intention and encouraged to show up as their authentic selves. Transparency is maintained through open communication, sharing of statistics, and providing ample notice for any changes within the community. By keeping the program simple and transparent, participants feel empowered to engage fully and contribute meaningfully to the community.

Empowering Participants and Continuous Learning

The program prioritizes empowering participants by providing them with choices during sessions and fostering a supportive environment. Facilitators are encouraged to listen to feedback, learn from mistakes, and constantly evolve the program to meet the needs of the community. Through regular town hall meetings and gatherings, the community collectively guides the program's development, ensuring it remains relevant and impactful.

Final Thoughts

The Meditate Together program exemplifies the transformative power of mindfulness and community support. By embracing simplicity, transparency, and continuous learning, the program has created a thriving global community dedicated to cultivating mindfulness and compassion.

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