Workplace Mindfulness

America’s First Chief Mindfulness Officer

BL00 - America's first chief mindfulness officer

By Schuyler Brown, guest contributor

One morning in 2015, I opened my Sunday New York Times to find a profile of Mark Bertolini, the CEO of healthcare giant Aetna, on the front page of the Business Section. The story was not a typical business story, but rather a vulnerable and personal portrait: the story of a corporate leader’s personal journey into meditation and his vision to bring the practice into his workplace.

Bertolini hired Andy Lee to do the real work of building a company culture w…

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A Mindful Solution to Mindless Meetings

BL00 - a mindful solution to mindless meetings

By Leah Weiss, guest contributor

Meetings are a way to arrive at solutions, voice opinions, share and receive team feedback. So why are roughly 59% of meetings a waste of time? Furthermore, meetings can cause companies to lose billions of dollars in revenue annually.

Why haven’t we yet found an antidote to mindless meetings? Maybe we’re not looking in the right place.

A Tip from Tibet 

The image of an ego-tripping narcissistic boss is fading fast. In its place is a leader who knows the impor…

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Bringing Mindfulness to Work

BL00 - Bringing mindfulness to work

By Mo Edjlali, Mindful Leader's President and Chief Community Organizer

In recent years, mindfulness has made tremendous strides into mainstream society. People are practicing it individually and bringing it into their organizations. Through my work at Mindful Leader I have encountered, advised, and learned from countless champions of mindfulness at the workplace across the globe and at companies of every size and industry.

If you are interested in bringing mindfulness to your organization, th…

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Is There a Place for Compassion in Business?

BL00 - Is there a place for compassion in business

By Patricia Thompson, guest contributor

I recently coached a senior executive I’ll call Stephanie, who was grappling with a pretty common dilemma in the business world: her organization’s profits were nowhere near where they had been projected to be, and her impatient CEO wasn’t happy about it. She and her colleagues were feeling intense pressure to perform and feared that they would lose their jobs if they were unable to turn things around.

To cope with the situation, Stephanie decided to mir…

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