Feeling Helpless During COVID-19? Try This

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By Dr. Christopher Willard

This pandemic is and will continue to be a traumatic time. While some of us may be relatively comfortable and secure for now, others are facing illness and loss of friends, family, and finances, yet none of us is spared the incredible disruption of this time. 

Trauma can mean many things, and our reactions to it vary. Yet one aspect of how humans react to trauma recently surprised me in my researchmore of us experience posttraumatic growth than its...

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Social Isolation as a Mindfulness Retreat

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 By Gayle Van Gils

“Raw, vulnerable, ungrounded, and exposed” – these are feelings I have been having since working alone in social isolation. In coaching conversations with clients and masterclasses with colleagues, I have been hearing these same words over and over. They made me reflect on the interesting fact that these feelings are so similar to the condition that I find myself in several days into an immersive meditation retreat. In fact, much of my personal...

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The Benefits of a Mindful and Productive Lunch

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By Sarah Hollenbeck 

Bringing mindfulness into your work life has been proven to increase productivity, decrease anxiety and create an overall more relaxed atmosphere for everyone. But with more and more people taking a working lunch, the ability to completely decompress and come back to work feeling refreshed is dwindling.  

While there seems to be an idea that skipping out on lunch can help you get ahead in your career and get more done, studies have shown that is not the...

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4 Steps to More Inner Peace During a Pandemic

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By John J. Murphy

You know that virus that scares you? It isn’t the virus. You know the disruption that upsets you? It isn’t the disruption. You know that person who annoys you? It isn’t the person. 

I've learned we are never upset for the reasons we think we are. We are upset because we see something in the mind’s eye that is not there. We are holding something negative in mind and projecting it onto the world. So, of course we are right. We are experiencing a...

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Navigate Uncertain Times with Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness, and Compassion

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By Michelle Maldonado

I love historic novels; especially ones that explore the plights, triumphs, and transformation of humanity. Today, as we are both participants and witnesses to what is happening in our local and global communities, I can’t help but be reminded of the Charles Dickens quote from A Tale of Two Cities: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness... it was the season of light, it was the season of...

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Moving from Fear to Presence, Connection, and Collaboration

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By Kathlyn T. Hendricks

“The enemy is fear. We think that it’s hate, but it’s fear.”


How did we get so scared?

I’ve gotten pretty obsessed with fear over the last few years. I grew up with bomb shelters and “duck and cover” (no one back then thought this was traumatic or would create any long-lasting impact). The vision of the mushroom cloud seeped into dreams and decisions and led to everyone on our block—except us—having a bomb...

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Free Live Group Meditation 24 Hours a Day: Meditate Together

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As we collectively face a global pandemic there are two very different responses from the leaders of the world. On one hand - a winner takes all, every man for himself attitude. On the other hand, a world united, solving a common problem and supporting each other. 

At Mindful Leader, with the hope of helping as many people as possible, and modeling the power of a global community uniting to solve a global problem, we created Meditate Together.   

Meditate Together - A...

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COVID-19: Community Resource Hub (Updated weekly)

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Resource Bundles

Guide to Well-Being During Coronavirus. 
Greater Good
A list of practices, articles, podcasts, live sessions, and more to help you throughout this pandemic

Coronavirus Sanity Guide (FREE)
Ten Percent Happier 

Pandemic Care Resources
Tara Brach
This list of talks and guided meditations will support you through these difficult times.

Resilience in Challenging Times
Sounds True
In response to the growing uncertainty and heightened stress during this unprecedented time, Sounds...

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Quotes to Get You Through COVID-19

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Last week, we asked our readers to share their favorite quotes with us on social media and they delivered. Here are some of those quotes, including the one we shared last week as a favorite of the team.

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(This quote is from Mother Teresa)

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Should I Be Scared of the Coronavirus? Mindfulness Techniques for Managing Coronavirus Anxiety at Home and Work

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By Becky Greiner

What is Coronavirus?

Of all the newsworthy events that have happened so far in the new year, there’s one word that has stayed consistent in the media and is now at the center of a lot of daily coverage – Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19. While Coronaviruses are actually a large family of viruses that can range from the common cold to more severe diseases, this one in particular has been getting a lot of attention because it’s a novel virus, meaning...

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