What is Decision Fatigue and How Can You Outsmart It at Work?

BL00 - What is Decision Fatigue

By Karlie Kramer

Have you ever felt mentally drained after a long meeting or taxing workday? That’s because you’ve probably made anywhere from 10,000 to 40,000 decisions, switching tasks over 300 times during the workday — and your brain is exhausted. This is called decision fatigue, and it’s responsible for the decline in focus and willpower that affects millions of Americans daily.

 The phenomenon was first discovered by social psychologist Roy F. Baumeister, and states that the quality of o…

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Former NASA, Biophysics PhD offers 2-part Mindful Embodied Practice - Your Universal Energy Concentrator

BL00 - How to Use Your Universal Energy Concentrator

By Ginny Whitelaw

Imagine you’re opening a large, cardboard box. Those of you who remember Wylie Coyote from vintage Road Runner cartoons can see ACME written on the side. This box contains a magnificent contraption: a Universal Energy Concentrator.  As advertised, it can turn vision into reality, ideas into actions; YES, it can actually turn energy into things that matter. You can’t wait to try it out, but you can’t figure out how to get it working. You see a few broken parts rolling around in…

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5 Tips to Declutter with the Zen Organizer

BL00 - Mindful Organizer

By Regina Leeds

You can ignore your physical space, but you can’t hide the story it tells. Like a friend with loose lips, your environment reveals all. Some people try and fake it. The public rooms, for example, present a story of perfection only to be betrayed by total chaos in the bedroom. Others hide their detritus behind closet doors, under beds, and in drawers already bursting at the seams.  The greater the chaos, the deeper the emotional wound. A college student whose parents never taught h…

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Uncovering Your Natural Awareness from "The Little Book of Being"

BL00 - Diana Winston

By Diana Winston

Awareness is a capacity of the human mind. Awareness is the ability to directly know and to perceive, sense, feel, or be cognizant of experience. We might think of awareness simply as the state of being conscious of something.

Every living being is aware. We usually don’t think much about awareness, but in order to function, humans have to be aware. Not only do humans have the capacity to be aware, but they also have the ability to be aware of awareness, or aware that they are…

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"You guys are idiots"- the article that ENRAGED our fans

BL19 Mob (3)

By Mo Edjlali

Last week we posted an article that enraged folks on our Facebook page. It freaked out and offended our fairly civil audience. 

Generating responses like: (some messages are truncated)

- What a load of scam you are. Just wow
- This is the worst article I’ve ever read.
- Total BS.
- What?!!! OMG DELETE !!!! Your crap
- You guys are idiots
- Unfollow 
- Have you been hacked?

Some folks were curious and a bit more kind: 

- Curious why this was posted without comment Mindful Leader
- Thi…

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Mindful Eating at Work: Healthy Digestion Tips

BL00 - Mindful Eating at Work (1)

By Larissa Hall Carlson

You're a fairly healthy eater, right?  Fresh produce, organic grains, and dark chocolate are at home in your kitchen--and you regularly snack on fruit and take trips to the farmers market. This is fabulous.

Establishing healthy habits is hard work, indeed, and despite life's fast tempo and the ongoing intensity of work, you've succeeded in making important strides toward a healthier diet over the years.

So how is it then, that with all those healthy food choices, you'r…

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